Welcome to Jo Waterford.

After training in massage in 1999, I then went on to study Aromatherapy and Reflexology, and gained ITEC qualifications.

Over the years, I have continued training, in many holistic areas, expanding my knowledge in a diverse field that never seems to end. I haven’t met a therapist yet who has stopped attending various training courses; I guess you could say, that you get the bug to want to learn more!

In June 2015, I qualified as a registered Foot Health Practitioner, which was the perfect compliment to my therapies, and my client base has become very diverse as a result.

As of May 2016, I qualified as an Infant Massage Instructor through IAIM, the International Association of Infant Massage.

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and I am on the Register for Foot Health Practitioners (RFHP).

The passion I have for my therapies has never changed, and I believe in the complete holistic approach to treating all my clients to improve their wellbeing on all levels. The ability to provide even a modicum of improvement in someone’s life only helps to galvanise my appetite for the therapies I offer.


ITEC qualified : Massage 1999 Aromatherapy 2000 and Reflexology 2001

Daoyin Tao Credit

Foot Health Distinction 2015

Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine, Advanced massage techniques, Fertility Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Natural Facelift

Pregnancy and labour Massage 2015

Jing Massage TMJ- Face Neck and Shoulder Massage 2015

Infant Massage instructor, 2016 with IAIM

Jo Waterford