Reflexology is an ancient Far East healing therapy that works on the principles that specific areas of our feet are related to certain areas of our bodies. These areas are referred to as reflex points.

Reflexology a very gentle, holistic therapy, that addresses the body’s physical and emotional imbalances. Stimulation of reflex points in our feet, are linked to different organs and energy systems in our bodies. This technique encourages the body to work naturally to restore balance and harmony, and in doing so, it helps the body relax.

The treatment I provide begins with a detailed consultation, after which you will recline in a chair so I can begin your treatment. During treatment, I will work on areas using a pressure-massage technique to help stimulate healing in various organs and systems of the body.

Reflexology is a beautiful therapy that works on balancing our bodies and it is the perfect therapy to help keep your body in harmony. It helps you sleep better, reduces tension, and provides lasting relaxation.